Photos de la publication de Glasgow Food Geek

Weekend brunching at it's best at Singl-end

Photos de la publication de Glasgow Food Geek

Who's been to try the new Route 66 menu at Six By Nico - I loved it! Especially the little corn dog bites on the snack plate.... Could eat a whole bowl of those suckers!

Who's been to try the newly opened Toni's Pizzeria West End - I popped in earlier this week for some take away, and I have to tell you it's a mighty fine pizza pie.

Tuk Tuk

It's new review time....this time I popped into Indian Street Food restaurant Tuk Tuk Indian Street Food - hop on over to the blog and see what I thought of this new Sauchiehall Street Hot Spot

West on the Green

New Review! This time I popped in to check out WEST On The Green find out what I thought here...

Photos du journal

Look at this bad boy! I've been telling Nic's NYC Deli & Donuts for months that they need to be selling cookies, so they made me this gloriously beautiful cookie stack which is going to take me about three days to eat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Photos du journal

No words need right?

The cookie jar waffle from the newly opened Coro The Chocolate Cafe on sauchiehall street

Photos de la publication de Glasgow Food Geek

Why do I not visit WEST On The Green more often? I had a lovely Sunday lunch there yesterday. Great wiener schnitzel

Photos de la publication de Glasgow Food Geek

When Nic's WEE Deli & Donuts make you your own special donut sandwich you know it's going to be a good day!

Such a lovely surprise yesterday from the ladies....tasted bloody delicious too. I LOVE the cookies they make on Fridays.

Glasgow Food Geek

Did you know that I've been shortlisted as online influencer of the year at the first ever i-on magazine breakthrough awards. Voting closes on Monday, so if you had a wee second and fancied throwing your vote my way i'd be super chuffed 😘

Photos du journal

I have a wee competition this week to win a table for 2 at Alston Bar & Beef meet the butcher event on the 25th July.

To enter all you have to do is follow Alston and like this post to be in with a chance of winning.

The competition will close at 5pm on Sunday 9th July with a winner being announced soon after

To get your name in the hat twice feel free to pop over to Twitter and enter there too.... It looks like it's going to be an amazing event!

Shop Silverburn

Fancy coming to a Instagram / food photography masterclass with me next Monday evening at Shop Silverburn ? Then follow this link and get uploading your best #foodporn pics :-) #SilverburnFoodFest

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Okay can we talk about this 100% choc latte from the new Hotel Chocolat cafe on Buchanan Street.... Made with 100% dark chocolate. It may be the best think I've ever drunk....I'm still thinking about it 2 days later 😍

Photos de la publication de Glasgow Food Geek

I did end up popping into Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen Ashton Lane yesterday for breakfast. I'm pretty sure this place is going to be a regular haunt for me 😊

Beer Kitchen

Thinking about where to eat this weekend? Then you have to check out my new review of Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen Ashton Lane I may even pop back in myself at some point this weekend for a bite to eat.😊

Karma Sutra

New Review! A few weeks ago I popped into Karma Sutra - find out what I thought here

Photos du journal

Basically all I have eaten today is blogaversary cake - I feel ill but happy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Glasgow Food Geek Blog | Restaurant & Food Reviews in Glasgow, Scotland

So you'll never believe it GFG is a big 4 today. Yip, that's right I have been blogging about food in the glorious city now for FOUR YEARS!

And I decided it was time for a cool new look over at my virtual home, so go have a wee gander and see what you think of the new look Glasgow Food Geek!

I like to think it's chic, modern and hip - just like me! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Photos de la publication de Glasgow Food Geek

Fantastic dinner last night at Porter & Rye....I just love their steaks, they are always perfectly smokey & charred

Photos de la publication de Glasgow Food Geek

Who went to try out Babs Glasgow this weekend? I can't wait to go back hopefully some time this week for some de-lish chicken shish and that melt in the mouth burger😍

Photos de la publication de Glasgow Food Geek

Fabulous brunch yesterday at Crossing The Rubicon - breakfast nan was all kinds of fantastic.....nan stuffed with bacon, sausage, eggs and tomato sauce 😍😍😍😍

Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery

I know I haven't really written up any reviews recently - life has been.......hectic?!?!?

But I'm back with a doozy - Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery which I visited last Sunday evening with MrG. The review is now live so go check it out

Photos du journal

I'm wondering how plausible a birthday cake milkshake from @thecounteruk for breakfast would be? One of the best milkshakes I've ever had.

Photos du journal

We all know they most important vote this week is for online influencer in i-on magazine first ever break through awards. And you'll never guess who's been short listed???

If you have a wee minutes and wanted to vote for me I'd be super chuffed 😝

Sweet Treats

Doughnuts for breakfast (and lunch!)

Look it's the second installment of my life in one second video clips set to a toe tapping tune 😝

check out what I got up to last month

Online influencers shortlist

I've been shortlisted for online influencer of the year in i-on magazines Breakthrough Awards.

If you have 2 minutes and wanted to vote for me I wouldn't be mad at you πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Instagram Photos

Had a lovely visit to @marksandspencer at the fort to enjoy a de-lish afternoon tea, and to hear more about their #spenditwell campaign which aims to touch 1000 communities across the UK. Great to learn more about how they are getting involved with the groups in Easterhouse and bernardos and improve the lives of local people!

I'm pleased as punch to be involved in this campaign, it's right up my street. 😊😊😊 #ad

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LORDY LORDY LORDY!!! finally got to try the bottomless brunch at @mcphabbsglasgow with @houseofherby - wowsers so much tasty food!!!

Instagram Photos

Delicious dinner tonight at @thekelbournesaint - their rotisserie chicken is so delicious

Instagram Photos

Dreaming this morning of @singlendcafe chocolate & peanut butter brownie 😍

How do you spend your life? Marks and Spencer have just launched a new campaign called #spenditwell and have asked me to get involved to encourage you to make the most of each day - Wear the shoes you save for best on a random Wednesday, buy yourself flowers, hug like you mean it, dance in the kitchen, wear your favourite lipstick....or in my case just have the donut cookie sandwich (you work hard in the gym and deserve it 😜 )

I'm really excited about being involved in this campaign, I'm all about enjoying life and can't wait to share in Make it Matter day on the 1st of June.

I've just posted a new blog post over on the blog sharing with you guys a list of a few of the things I enjoy doing to break out of the mundane - Go check it out and let me know what you do to Spent It Well #ad

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When you've had a bit of a nightmare evening and your neighbour brings you amazingly delicious warm Turkish flat bread - there are truly good people in the world 😊

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Ladies & gentleman the new maple bacon cheese donut from @breadmeatsbread - only to be attempted if you really like sweet savoury...... it's quite the sandwich 😍

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Everyone needs a buddy like @roccosquickbites - he brings you home made cannole from LaMore.... He's a good lad!

Honey Sesame Chicken Recipe

New FoodGeek Cooks? Recipe up on the blog - Honey Sesame's SO GOOD!!!

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Brunching crazy at @singlendcafe today with the always gorgeous @thegingerelle @_bwbeauty

Photos du journal

Pre Eurovision pizza & prosecco party with my buddy Rocco last night. Great pizza from LaMora at Charring Cross.....we'll worth checking out 😊

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When one of your buddies is a superstar chef - can not tell you how much I love @chef_jimmy_lee cooking, this Chongqing style Kung Po chicken last weekend was brilliant

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I've got a serious poutine craving today - mmmmmmm gravy!

Crossing the Rubicon

New Review Alert! I popped into Crossing The Rubicon last week for a little impromptu birthday dinner with my buddies and thought it was about time I give this Ah-mazing west end spot a wee write up....check it out!

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There is so much excitement at GeekHQ this afternoon - I've just discovered that new Churros and ice cream bar Loop & scoop are opening on great western road near to Bread Meats Bread.... It's so close - This is a happy day!!!!!

Photos du journal

Delicious birthday dinner with my peeps @roguedraven @trudiemalik last night at @CTRglasgow - so much food so much fun

Photos du journal

Beautiful birthday lunch today with MrG at @dakotahotelsuk this Stonebass and chorizo was pretty much perfection!!!

Soooo I wanted to try something new this month. A little video montage of My life in 1second clips. This is the evolution of my blog series My Week in Pictures and It's my intention to do one every month..... Hope you like this quick look at my month - beware tho it's a first attempt and a little rough, they will get better & more interesting I promise, this is just a tester 😊😊😊

Photos du journal

What about this steak sandwich which will be appearing on the new menu at @breadmeatsbread - launching soon. I got a sneak peek yesterday and the new dishes are all excellent 😁😁😁😁

Photos du journal

Impromptu dinner last night at #asima with @_bwbeauty & MrG - excellent char sui in mandarin sauce 😍😍😍

West on the Corner – Sunday Roast

If you are anything like me you will already be planning your weekend eats - why not check out my new blog post which is dedicated to the drool worth Sunday Roasts on offer at WEST On The Corner - it's a firm geek fav!

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Sunday roasting like a rock star!! I LOVE the roasts from @westonthecorner they are always excellent

Fresh Roasted Coffee